Salads and Side Dishes

Saffron Quinoa

Preface for my non-Jewish readers. One of the main elements in keeping Passover is to restrict eating any form of wheat or leavened bread products. Posting a quinoa recipe for Passover will definitely raise some flags for my Jewish readers. For even slightly religious Jews, quinoa is not acceptable for Passover. You can go back… Continue reading Saffron Quinoa

The Bakery

Raspberry Crumb Cake

This recipe comes from my time baking in Portland, Maine. We sold two types of coffeecake each day, and people always asked for this Raspberry Crumb Cake. It's a very moist cake filled with juicy raspberries. The middle parts melt in your mouth and the crumbly topping adds a buttery, crispy texture to your eating… Continue reading Raspberry Crumb Cake


Chocolate Fondues and Fondonts for the New Year

It’s almost 2013 and I’m sure everyone is busy making plans for big celebrations. The rush till midnight is on, and between the hair and makeup and finding the perfect outfit there is plenty to do! If you are Ryan, there’s watching me stress about hair and makeup, having all the food out, and preventing… Continue reading Chocolate Fondues and Fondonts for the New Year

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Almond Spiced Pears with Fresh Berries

I wanted to add a sweet and fruity dish to my Christmas Brunch menu without making it too sweet and desserty. I found a recipe for poached peaches that inspired this dish, a poached pear dish that comes to life with almond liqueur, cinnamon sticks, and fresh berries. The almond extract and almond liqueur warm… Continue reading Almond Spiced Pears with Fresh Berries