Chocolate Fondues and Fondonts for the New Year

It’s almost 2013 and I’m sure everyone is busy making plans for big celebrations. The rush till midnight is on, and between the hair and makeup and finding the perfect outfit there is plenty to do! If you are Ryan, there’s watching me stress about hair and makeup, having all the food out, and preventing my tornado of destruction from taking over the entire house. To prevent your own tornado, here are some fun fondues and fondonts for having a safe and healthy New Year.



  • DO: Get all of your preparations done early! There’s nothing like a stressed out host and hostess to put a buzz kill on the evening.
  • DO: Speaking of a buzz… pace yourself on the alcohol! Drink a glass of water or non-alcoholic drink between every drink with alcohol. You won’t over consume and you’ll feel yourself get full faster.
  • DO: Have a variety of healthy and filling appetizers like the cheesy pepper poppers that I posted last week. Offer vegetables with your dips instead of just crackers.
  • DO: Put good omens in your pocket for the evening. This is Ryan’s thing. Always have something red, a few dollars, and a (baby) carrot in your pocket for good luck, success, and health. The picture above is all of our good luck items from two years ago.


  • DON’T: Be the junkie that hovers around the food all night. Mingle with your guests in other rooms of the house and you won’t overeat.
  • DON’T: Skip all of your meals in preparation for tonight. You’ll overeat at your destination and alcohol will hit you faster. You don’t want to start the New Year being the sloppy mess of your party.
  • DON’T: Forget to make safe and healthy decisions! Take a cab before you get into a car when anyone has been drinking.

If you are the one’s hosting, or going to a friend’s house for the evening, I have a quick and easy dessert that your guests will love. I was inspired by a chocolate fountain, which I normally see at weddings or fancy events. Instead of renting a fountain, or having the mess of a fountain, I made a rich and creamy chocolate ganache for your guests to dip the kabobs in. The chocolate is flavored with hazelnut extract to give it a nutella taste. We made toothpick skewers using fresh fruit and fun chocolate-friendly dunkers like Rice Krispy Treats and marshmallows. If you don’t have the time to make the toothpicks this late in the game, have little bowls of each item and your guests can make them as they eat them. It’s a quick and easy dessert that people of any age will enjoy. Happy New Year Cooking in Red Socks readers!!


Makes: 36 skewers
Prep Time: 25 minutes

3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 ¼ cups heavy cream (no substitutes or it won’t work!)
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp hazelnut extract
1 small container blackberries
1 small container raspberries
1 cup diced mango
2 cups mini marshmallows
6 rice crispy treats, cut into bite-sized pieces

  • Put the chocolate chips in a medium bowl.
  • Heat the cream in a saucepan until it just starts to boil. Pour the cream over the chocolate and let it sit for about 20 seconds. Use as spatula to fold the chocolate into the cream. Stir until the mixture is completely blended. Add the vanilla and hazelnut extracts, stir, and set aside. You can keep the chocolate covered and at room temperature until you’re ready to serve.
  • If you choose to assemble the toothpicks, use a variety of ingredients, putting about 3 on each toothpick. Otherwise put each of the ingredients in a small bowl for your guests to dip into.
  • Serve everything at room temperature.

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