Salads and Side Dishes

Spring Beet Salad

Although it may not feel like it in New England, spring is on the way! I promise! We will do our best to pack the sunshine with us and bring it up the coast on our drive. I wanted to make a salad for Passover because all of the traditional vegetable dishes are so heavy, especially… Continue reading Spring Beet Salad


Beet the Heat Smoothie

As I posted last Friday, our trip to Buffalo was incredible. We saw Niagara Falls, ate local treats like the original buffalo wings and beef on weck sandwiches, and got to see the best of the best in AAA baseball. There was one thing I did not post about. I was out for a run one of… Continue reading Beet the Heat Smoothie

Salads and Side Dishes

Summer Green Salad

Dear Summer Solstice,  Thank you for your arrival yesterday. While I've been pacing and anticipating your sunshine and pool time, I forgot the negative affects of heat and humidity in New England. As my friend and co-worker said it, "it feels like I am walking through soup." How am I supposed to want to do… Continue reading Summer Green Salad

Salads and Side Dishes

Roasted Red Beet Salad

I became hooked on beets when I went abroad to Australia. I saw them everywhere... on salads, as salads, as pizza toppings, you name it! After one great experience, I would rarely pass up the opportunity to order them. The first time I tried to cook them, and failed, is when I fell in love.… Continue reading Roasted Red Beet Salad