Salads and Side Dishes

Saffron Quinoa

Preface for my non-Jewish readers. One of the main elements in keeping Passover is to restrict eating any form of wheat or leavened bread products. Posting a quinoa recipe for Passover will definitely raise some flags for my Jewish readers. For even slightly religious Jews, quinoa is not acceptable for Passover. You can go back… Continue reading Saffron Quinoa

Main Courses

Moroccan Chicken

I never think of March as a big holiday month, especially after recovering from the winter holiday extravaganza. But as I was menu planning, I realized that March has St. Patrick's Day, Passover, and Easter all in a row! Three weeks of holiday recipes! So every week here in Florida we celebrate a new holiday… Continue reading Moroccan Chicken

Just For Fun

Food Resolutions: Spice It Up!!

One of the biggest complaints I receive about my recipes is that there are too many seasonings required to make it. I totally understand the apprehension of a mile-long ingredient list, but using spices in your cooking has health benefits that aren't worth passing by. We move┬áthree times a year and one of my first… Continue reading Food Resolutions: Spice It Up!!