Pumpkin Donuts

This recipe stems from a very fun collaboration that I did with the Boston Herald in the midst of the Red Sox playoff run. One of their editors, Jill Radsken, found me and wanted to collaborate about feeding an athlete and how my interests in food and Ryan's career find common ground. The recipe, which… Continue reading Pumpkin Donuts

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Opening Day Treats!

Happy Opening Day everyone! I know most of my baseball readers have been anxiously counting down to today; the wait is over! It’s finally baseball season. I thought I’d look back on last season and write about my journey through my Baseball Bucket List, recounting some of my favorite meals along the way. I’ll also… Continue reading Opening Day Treats!

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Fort Myers Favorites: Part II

I love reporting on my favorite restaurants from the cities we visit, because I think it gives people a whole new experience when they travel for baseball. So many people flock down to Fort Myers, or across the country in the regular season, and their primary reason is for baseball games. For me (I watch… Continue reading Fort Myers Favorites: Part II

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The Red Sox Winter Home: Jet Blue Park

Today is the first workout for the entire Red Sox team, and in honor of the big event I thought I'd do a little spotlight on Jet Blue Park at Fenway South. Jet Blue Park is Boston's Spring Training complex down in Fort Myers. It just opened last year and is a beautiful facility. The… Continue reading The Red Sox Winter Home: Jet Blue Park