Just For Fun

An Engaging Afternoon In Denver

And now for the blog post I have been very excited for..... Engagement Pictures!! We went back and forth about what types of things we wanted to capture in our pictures, and ultimately we decided to recreate the main parts of our lives: baseball, food, and moving to Denver. We took pictures at Coors Field, [...]


Thai Chicken Pizza

If I wasn't making dinner during our two months of Spring Training, one these things was probably happening: everyone was out, there was a night game, or Pete was having Pizza Night. I've mentioned Ryan's best baseball friend Pete a few times. We love him. And one thing Pete loves in return is homemade pizza. [...]


On-The-Go Granola Breakfast Wrap

I am a self-diagnosed oatmealaholic. I would say 99 days out of 100 I'm eating oatmeal. I may get adventurous and add a banana or sliced almonds, but for the most part it is just oatmeal. So when I found out that oatmeal wasn't a practical breakfast choice while working at Lush Bakery, I knew [...]