Best Ever Mac and Cheese

I really love my mac & cheese; the taste just brings me to my knees. I order it everywhere- from the finest of dining to the dumpiest of dives. I’ll even eat it on a drive. I sure do love my mac & cheese; can we have it for dinner pretty please? This is a… Continue reading Best Ever Mac and Cheese

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Pasta Carbonara

Ryan and I love Spring Training because we get to live with our buddies who we don't see very often during the regular season. This year we are living with two of our favorites, Pete and Madison, and have been loving it! Amongst other things, we have an obsession with playing spades and a very… Continue reading Pasta Carbonara

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The Lasagna That Saved My Sanity

As I mentioned in Monday's post, the events of my grandfather's passing made it an interesting last two weeks. While this week has been rather therapeutic, last week was a mental test. We were visiting Kidd in Chicago and still were undecided of when to go home. We knew that things were progressing with my grandfather's… Continue reading The Lasagna That Saved My Sanity

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Kale Pesto Pasta

Pesto is one of those universal sauces and spreads that can give healthy food a lot of flavor without the fat and extra calories. You have seen me use it in a variety of recipes, like my Caprese Turkey Burgers and my Grilled Flank Steak with Spinach Chimmichurri. I always make pesto myself instead of… Continue reading Kale Pesto Pasta