Soups Stews and Chilis

Brisket Chili

I love this rendition of a traditional chili, because the brisket gives it such a hearty, homey taste. I also love having chunks of meat in there instead of ground up beef that ends up sort of disappearing as the chili cooks. The key to breaking down the brisket so that it's nice and tender… Continue reading Brisket Chili

Soups Stews and Chilis

Turkey & White Bean Cassoulet

I love dishes like this for the fall time. One pot meals that can use up a number of ingredients in the house, and make doing the dishes a piece of cake. This is a very basic cassoulet recipe, which means that you can throw any vegetables or other ingredients in it that you'd like.… Continue reading Turkey & White Bean Cassoulet


Best Ever Mac and Cheese

I really love my mac & cheese; the taste just brings me to my knees. I order it everywhere- from the finest of dining to the dumpiest of dives. I’ll even eat it on a drive. I sure do love my mac & cheese; can we have it for dinner pretty please? This is a… Continue reading Best Ever Mac and Cheese