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Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches

It doesn’t seem to matter where you first heard of Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches- I read about it in Providence Magazine’s Best Of issue- everyone knows about it. Geoff’s is tucked into a small building in the section of town that falls right in between the Brown University campus and downtown Providence. If we hadn’t been purposely looking for it, it would be very easy to drive right by. We went with Ryan’s parents and were immediately greeted by a boisterous owner who was more than happy to run through their extensive sandwich menu. Chalkboards are posted on every wall of the restaurant with dozens of varieties to choose from. I knew I’d love this place the minute we walked in- not pretentious, take it or leave it sort of attitude, and knee-buckling aromas just waiting to be tasted.

Ryan immediately went with his usual “what’s the best thing on the menu?” line, which landed him the Jen and Berry. One of the more popular sandwiches on the menu, the Jen and Berry is Thanksgiving inspired with chicken salad, muenster cheese (my favorite!), cranberry sauce, lettuce, and onion. There aren’t many ways to go wrong with this combination, but I loved the addition of muenster as opposed to swiss or cheddar. Ryan’s mom, Jill, ordered a smoked salmon sandwich that looked to die for. The Salmon Dave is piled high with smoked salmon, havarti cheese, cooked spinach, and onion. Add an egg and you have the perfect eggs Benedict. Next time we go, I am definitely giving it a try.

I myself decided to create my own adventure, using the Phillip and Jorge as guidance. I ordered my sandwich as a salad and had cooked spinach, mushrooms, and onions served on a bed of lettuce with sprouts, turkey, and avocado. An usual combination of hot and cold, but I loved it. I used the “Tiger Sauce” as dressing- a horseradish and Dijon aioli that would probably taste as good on my shoe as it would on any of their sandwiches. Pickles are homemade and served in a giant barrel, which adds to the charm of the entire scene.

I’d recommend Geoff’s to anyone looking for a filling lunch-time meal. Push your boundaries and order something unusual. There are quite a few concoctions that made me curious. If you are double-hungry or on a lunch date, go anytime on Tuesdays. 2 for the price of 1. Take them as they are: casual, unrefined, and in your face. Love them for it and keep returning as we plan to sometime soon.


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