Praline Caramel Corn

I wanted to end my week of fancy finger food with a snack particularly fitting for the Oscars: popcorn! I have a serious love affair with popcorn. It's light and an easy munchie, but the fun really comes from playing with new flavor ideas. This Praline Caramel Corn is from our drive from Boston to… Continue reading Praline Caramel Corn


Fruit and Nut Granola Bars

Fighting the snack time urge was one of the hardest parts of my day in college. The more I began to workout the more I craved food in the afternoon. Now that we are living the baseball life and dinner is served around 11 pm, snacking is simply mandatory. Eating a snack in the middle… Continue reading Fruit and Nut Granola Bars


Masala Popcorn Mix

My popcorn making adventures continue with the help of super cheap kernels in the bulk section at the grocery store. I was scanning the internet for some unique ideas when I came across cinnamon cashew corn. What stuck out was the cashews... when I think cashews, I think Indian food! With a little help from… Continue reading Masala Popcorn Mix