Soups Stews and Chilis

Turkey and Vegetable Stew

The holiday weekend is over which means the house is a little quieter and you've finally had enough stuffing to last until next year. There's only two questions left on my mind after the weekend... who stole the last piece of lemon cake? I can guess it was probably my garbage disposal of a fiance.… Continue reading Turkey and Vegetable Stew

The Bakery

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake

If there's one baked item that screams "easy entertaining', it's coffee cake. It looks beautiful on a tall cake platter and appears to have taken way more time and effort then you actually need. It makes a great breakfast and brunch centerpiece, a nice addition to afternoon coffee, or a festive holiday dessert. If there… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake

Salads and Side Dishes

Holiday Bulgur with Pomegranate

Tis the season for high calorie side dishes like mashed potatoes and that sweet potato thing that has more sugar than an ice cream truck. I love dishes like those, and they certainly make me feel the comforts of home, but they are instant triggers for a New Year's resolution. Instead of replacing all the… Continue reading Holiday Bulgur with Pomegranate