Desserts, The Cocktail Lounge

Sea Dog Blueberry Beer Floats

There are so many things I love and miss about living in┬áPortland, Maine. By now the weather is beautiful on the water; lobster is available fresh out of the water for about $3.99 per pound, and Sea Dog Blueberry beer is being served at the baseball stadium. That's right, one of Maine's finest exports comes… Continue reading Sea Dog Blueberry Beer Floats

Breakfast, The Bakery

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

One of the new rages on the internet these days (mostly among women) is Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that allows you to create online image boards, or collages of multiple images. It's a great way to plan a redecoration in your home, pin recipes you'd like to make (like CIRS recipes), or even plan… Continue reading Blueberry Breakfast Cake


Almond Oatmeal Pancakes with Fresh Blueberries

This Tuesday, February 28th, is National Pancake Day! You could go and celebrate with all you can eat pancakes at sub-par diner A, B, or C... or you can make your own pancakes and celebrate in a healthy and delicious way! These Almond Oatmeal Pancakes start with making homemade almond oat flour, which gives a… Continue reading Almond Oatmeal Pancakes with Fresh Blueberries