Main Courses

Grilled Sirloin with Cheesy Onions

Makes: 4 servings Prep Time: 10 minutes      Cooking Time: 15 minutes    Total Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: 1- 2 lb sirloin steak 2 red onions, sliced into concentric circles about ½ inch thick ⅓ cup gorgonzola cheese, room temperature zest of 1 lemon and juice of 1/2 of the lemon 1 tbs vegetable… Continue reading Grilled Sirloin with Cheesy Onions

Salads and Side Dishes

Steakhouse Green Bean Salad

In the past year we've gone to steakhouses for a lot of celebratory occasions. Ryan loves a good rib eye, so we went for his big league call up last year in Kansas City, and just recently during the All Star Break. I tend to go for a salad and a few bites of his steak… Continue reading Steakhouse Green Bean Salad

Main Courses

Bistro Steak Sandwich

I've been debating what to name this sandwich since I made them last week. I am hoping that "Bistro" evokes an image of elevated flavors. What I really want to convey is that this sandwich is the most awesome, flavortastic steak sandwich you'll ever eat. If I were a sandwich, I may choose to be… Continue reading Bistro Steak Sandwich