Main Courses

Turkey, Bean, and Butternut Chili

During February and March I kept posting recipes and my mom would call and say "that's too summery! It's freezing here, and no one will make that salad in February." Lesson learned on all accounts that what we cook is a reflection of many external factors. How our day is going emotionally, what the weather… Continue reading Turkey, Bean, and Butternut Chili

Salads and Side Dishes

Summer Succotash with Cumin Vinaigrette

I went to a new cafe here in Fort Myers a few weeks ago to try something new for lunch. Unfortunately, the simple signage out front was a representation of what awaited inside. A rather dull menu of sandwiches and salads that were just so-so with the exception of some interesting side dishes. I ordered… Continue reading Summer Succotash with Cumin Vinaigrette