Food Truck Frenzy

For foodies walking around downtown, the streets have become an open platform for ethnic, trendy, and downright unusual cuisine. Food trucks are sweeping the nation as the new trendy food choice, and with good reason. A hungry pedestrian can find anything from fancy grilled cheese, to gourmet cupcakes, and even sushi! Walking around in downtown areas is a great way to explore any new city, and you can burn off the calories (or some) as you go from truck to truck!

“Sushi from a truck?” you ask. There’s no way that can be safe. Contrary to skeptic’s beliefs, food trucks have to abide by almost all of the same health guidelines that restaurants do. All food trucks need to have a health permit for their vehicle and are inspected routinely. A certified food handler must also be on staff at all times to insure that foods are cooked to the correct temperatures and all sanitation guidelines are met. Certificates for all of these things are posted in the windows of trucks, and if you see them, you are in good hands.

Click on the following links below to see where we have been so far!

Check out our finds in Los Angeles 

The Trip Continues East to Providence!


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