Soaking Up The Winter Sun In Phoenix, Arizona

For some baseball couples, the off season is a time to take it easy- spend time together, relax, and do things normal couples do like eat dinner before 11:30 pm. Not us, not this off season anyway. Why sit still when you can get up and pack all of your belongings and move somewhere new? Ryan was given the opportunity to train at API- one of the top athlete training facilities in the country for the month of January. We figured, why not?! We’ve only lived in four cities since October, what’s another on the list? New Years Day we packed our bags and headed off to Phoenix.

I love spending time in Phoenix and Scottsdale in the winter because… it isn’t cold! With Ryan at two-a-day workouts, I had a semi-decent amount of time of alone time which I really enjoyed. I was able to work on this little blog of mine, but I wanted something else to put my mind to. Winter + sun + free time + boyfriend getting in really good shape = New Year’s Resolution #1- train for a half marathon. I signed up to do my first half marathon on January 28th, and after our arrival in our new home we both hit the ground running. I had wanted to do this race for a long time (I may have even signed up for a few and then cancelled later 😦 ) but this time I was sticking to it!

This time I'm in the uniform and my #1 fan is all dressed up! I could get used to this.


The best part of additional exercise is the additional eating to fuel your body. Ryan was on a new diet, so I cooked a lot and tried out some new recipes (more posts on those later). We also tried to get out and explore a few restaurants and hit up a wide variety of Phoenix’s contribution to the culinary scene. We tried a lot of great places that I’d recommend to vacationers, everything from sushi, to Mediterranean, to modern American. Lots of healthy options so patrons can keep their resolutions strong! To see where we ate and what I thought, click here.

As usual, January has flown by and Spring Training is about to begin. I’m amazing at how fast the “off season” went. This season should be full of many more exciting adventures both on and off the field, and we can’t wait to get it going! Next stop for us, Fort Myers Florida where I have the pleasure of being home-chef to Ryan and three other teammates. Yes, I’m living in a baseball frat house for two months. Wish me luck! I’m happy to report that the half marathon was a success. I’m less happy to report that dragging 200 lbs of luggage through the airport was not as successful. New Year’s Resolution #2 to check off my list: pack lighter this season.


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