Savoring Every Minute of Savannah, Georgia

The season came to an abrupt halt and we had 5 days to drive from New England to Miami. I decided to book a last minute trip to Savannah- a place I’d always wanted to visit- for some R&R. For those who have never been, Savannah is the most charming, historic town I’ve ever visited. It’s similar to New Orleans and rich with history. The city is setup with a grid structure and there are little squares every two blocks reserved for parks and gardens. We only had one full day to spend there and we walked to many of the different parks, looking at the historic sights and enjoying the sunny weather. One of the notable places to visit is Chippewa Square, where Forrest Gump was filmed. The actual bench is in a museum now, but a replica is there in its place.  We were fortunate enough to visit in early October and avoid most of the heat and humidity associated with the South.

As for the food scene in Savannah, there is an eclectic mix of world cuisines that reflect Savannah’s multicultural history. You can find everything from traditional southern food, to African spiced dishes, to barbeque, and fresh seafood.  We had one day and two nights to see everything we could and I had the brilliant idea to make the most of our quick trip by doing a food crawl all over downtown. To me, the perfect food crawl is splitting one dish (the best dish) at the restaurants that catch your eye or are recommended to you. By the end you really feel like you’ve gotten to know a place. In theory, if you walk around all day, you won’t feel stuffed!

We arrived in the late afternoon and went out for dinner with maps in hand to plan our food crawl for the next day. Upon recommendation we went to Blowin’ Smoke Barbeque to stretch our legs after a full day in the car. Ryan and I walked in, saw pulled pork nachos on the menu, and knew we’d started our Savannah excursion on a high note. Barbeque and southern cuisine are known for their side dishes as much as their entrees, and we decided to divide and conquer in order to try as much as possible. I had a half order of baby back ribs, Ryan ordered a salad with smoked chicken, and we split the side dish sampler. The ribs were quite different than those in Kansas City; these had less meat (and less fat) and were served dry with sauces on the side. The meat tasted great with the spicy sauce, but I prefer the rich and meaty texture of a thicker rib. The chicken on Ryan’s salad was smoky and tender but the highlight was the homemade cornbread croutons that came on the side. Simply addicting. We scored on the side dish platter with creamy mac and cheese, fried pickles in corn batter that were crunchy perfection, and cool coleslaw to cut through the richness of our other dishes. The only thing we didn’t enjoy were the collard greens, which were too bitter for our liking. This is possibly how they are prepared in the area, but we didn’t try others to know for sure. Blowin’ Smoke has an extensive beer list, live music, and a great patio. The perfect place for us to relax, enjoy southern bbq, and plan the next day’s trek through town.

Check out the damage we did the next day: Our Nearly Fatal Food Crawl 


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