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Opening Day Treats!

Happy Opening Day everyone! I know most of my baseball readers have been anxiously counting down to today; the wait is over! It’s finally baseball season. I thought I’d look back on last season and write about my journey through my Baseball Bucket List, recounting some of my favorite meals along the way. I’ll also tell you my must-haves at every game so that I continue to eat a healthy lifestyle during baseball season. It isn’t always easy! Hopefully you find some of my hints helpful for games you attend this season as well, whether it’s in the big leagues or little league.

 My Baseball Bucket List: Last year I travelled to four new stadiums (and Fenway of course) while Ryan was with the big league team. I had great experiences at all of them, and took away some fun aspects of local culture while visiting. For a more detailed description of each stadium, visit my Baseball Bucket List page. If you happen to make it to Boston, New York, Baltimore, Tampa, or Seattle for a game this year, here are some unique things to look out for:

Yankee Stadium Baseball Bucket List

Best Hot Dog- Fenway Frank- Fenway Park- Boston, MA

Most Decadent Dish: Crab Mac and Cheese Dog- Camden Yards- Baltimore, MD

Best Tasting Dinner: Pulled Pork Nachos at Everglades BBQ- Tropicana Field

Most Options to Choose From: Yankee Stadium- New York, NY

Most Locally Influenced Stadium: Safeco Field- Seattle, WA

Most Unusual Menu Item: Boiled Peanuts- Tropicana Field- Tampa, FL

Unhealthiest Dish: Deep Fried Twinkies- Safeco Field- Seattle, WA

Most Energetic Field Crew- Yankee Stadium- New York, NY

Most Exciting Attraction: Petting a ray! Tropicana Field- Tampa, FL

I was very impressed by all of the stadiums. Every single one had gluten-free options, from hot dog buns, to pizza crust, and crackers for hummus. There are healthy options everywhere! You just have to take the time to find them. And why not? Baseball games last over three hours, there is plenty of time to take a look around the stadium. There are many museum exhibits and historical exhibits in the parks, which adds some historical relevance to how teams have grown over the years. I think it’s fascinating!


My Must Haves: I love to explore new options when I’m on the road with Ryan, but I could never eat all the food on a normal basis- I wouldn’t fit in the seats! Most baseball games are 7:00 night games, so I either eat dinner throughout the game or have a snack and eat with Ryan after (yes, at 11:00 pm). Most of the time I just eat during the game, because eating that late isn’t so easy on your body. My rules for packing food are 1) balanced snacks 2) mess free and 3) they must actually fill me up! There’s nothing worse than eating and still feeling hungry after. Here are my must haves to stave off hunger while I’m at the field:

1)   Almonds in an Altoid can. I posted about this trick a few weeks ago, but this is such a lifesaver when it comes to snacking. Almonds are full of protein and healthy fat, so eating a little really fills you up. I buy the roasted, unsalted almonds, which are a much healthier alternative to a bag of peanuts. Roughly 23 fit into an Altoid can- the perfect serving size!


2)   Homemade Popcorn- anything homemade is a better alternative than buying it at the stadium. I love popcorn, so this is a natural choice for me waste money and calories on. Instead I make some of my favorite flavors and pack a big zip lock to take with me. Mess free, light, and easy for munching!

Masala Popcorn Mix
Masala Popcorn Mix

3)   Go to Granola Bars- I’ve complained about the lack of good granola bars at the grocery store, so most of the time I make my own. These new Crunchy Chai Bars are so great! If I need to buy something, I usually buy Think Thin bars. They are gluten-free and sugar-free, a nice snack that fills me up. Chocolate raspberry are my favorite.

Crunchy Chai Granola Bars

4)   Apple slices- for some reason slicing an apple makes it triple in size for me. The fiber fills you up and the slices give you a reason to keep munching. They are also mess free, which is quite lovely when you are trying to be presentable at a game.

5)   Water, water, water!!- An easy way to keep hunger at bay is to be hydrated! Always have a big water bottle with you; mine is obscenely large and most people feel the need to comment. If you are going to a big stadium where they don’t allow liquids, bring an empty bottle and fill it at a water fountain. If you bring your own, add some flavor to keep things interesting. Frozen raspberries, sliced cucumber, or a wedge of lime are easy additions to keep you drinking all day!

Hope everyone enjoys the first week of games this year! Wishing all my fellow baseball wives a happy and healthy baseball season! It should be a very exciting year.

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