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Boston’s Best Restaurants: Part I

When you move from a town like Pawtucket to a cultural melting pot like Boston, it’s easy for a foodie like me to jump at eating somewhere new every chance we get. With the help of some recommendations from friends we were able to eat at some pretty amazing places while we were here. Here’s the first part of my favorite restaurants in Boston. If you know of some I missed please comment and I’ll add it to my list for next time!


FuGaKyu- Brookline– if you happen to be eating dinner at 11:30 pm and want some company, you will likely find us at FuGaKyu. Sushi is normally our splurge meal because it’s pretty pricey when you are feeding a big eater like Ryan. Fuguyaku, however, changed our minds about sushi. The prices are very reasonable, always have quick service, and are open until 1:30 am 7 days a week. You know the fish is fresh when our favorite roll is the salmon avocado roll; nothing fancy, just fresh fish. Other recommendations: the tuna taco appetizer, the crunchy maki, the spicy seafood maki, the lobster maki, and hoho tuna maki.

Gaslight BrasserieSouth End- this was our first trip to the South End to celebrate our engagement with our Boston family. After a short drive through the South End I had a list a dozen restaurants long of places to try. Gaslight serves traditional French cuisine. They have a beautiful inside bar or a heated patio that really makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city., depending on the dinner atmosphere you’re looking for. I ordered the beet salad and the mussels. I am a mussels connoisseur- I eat them everywhere- but I found these particularly great.  Tender, just cooked PEI mussels flavored with whole peppercorns, garlic, and cilantro. They are accompanied by crispy pommes frites which I didn’t have too many of because Ryan stole them. He had a special, the hanger steak, served with pomegranate glaze. The chocolate beignets are worth sharing for dessert if you have room after such a decadent meal!

Photo Courtesy of Gaslight Brasserie

La Verdad- Fenway– La Verdad quickly became my go-to stop when I was headed to Fenway or after the games with friends. They have a nice patio on sunny days. If you are looking for drinks and appetizers try their homemade margaritas, plantain chips, and guacamole. Ryan ordered the taco sample platter and immediately wanted to return again another time. The braised pork belly is juicy and tender, the crunchy fried fish tacos are served with cool coleslaw, and the carne asada is spicy and packed with flavor. I always order the chopped salad filled with radishes, tomatoes, black beans, grilled corn, jicama, and queso fresco. Their dressing is homemade agave nectar vinaigrette and I am going to try to beg them for the recipe when we leave Boston.

Scampo- Liberty Hotel– Scampo is the unusual fusion of Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern food. They are located in the beautiful Liberty Hotel, which used to be a prison. The bar there, Alibi, has fun mug shots of famous celebrities. Scampo has a homemade bread and mozzarella menu; I suggest the roti with curried chicken. The prosciutto and artichoke heart pizza was savory and so, so satisfying. My mom and I shared the seared tuna entrée, served with crispy capers, mushroom-shaped potatoes, and fried turnip straws. Head to Scampo for dishes that will challenge your palate.



2 thoughts on “Boston’s Best Restaurants: Part I”

  1. Try Toscano on Charles St. in Beacon Hill. Great Italian food and they offer 1/2 orders of pasta dishes. Also, offer great steaks and seafood. A fantastic restaurant with old neighborhood charm at a reasonable price for Boston. Enjoy.

    I love reading your blog every day. Thanks.

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